AUG/SEP 2017

We had an excellent number of votes for the challenge this time -21 votes for the Challenge were:
5 Kate Doig
3 Pat Preater
3 Daphne Turner
3 Rob Shuttleworth2 Graham George
2 Michael Brobson
1 John Thwaites
1 Lesley Nicholls
1 Ken Church
Chris Alder’s Lovely lighting and colouring. Dramatic sense of scale
What an amazing variety of approaches! A very exciting selection, from poetry to paper boats and lots in between. My favourite work is Pat Preater’s ‘What are you looking for? ‘It conveys beautifully the children absorbed in their own world.
I liked so many but the subject and the painting  bucket and spade appealed to me. It just made me smile!!
Kate Doig – Beached, on St Agnes At first I thought the skyline was too dark, but in fact that, and the bright, empty, sand, pulled my eye to the boat. Very good.
All very good, very difficult to decide.
Selecting the painting that I would most like to hang in my house – that’s all.
I think they are all very good, very difficult to make a choice
Fresh, bright and love the way you have used the paper as part of the rendering. very pleasing. I am not usually a fan of pastels but I find Rob’s ‘On the Beach at Aberdaron’ very convincing.
Graham’s Lovely composition and lovely reflection.
Some lovely pictures this time.  I liked Sandy Flores “The Regatta” and Graham George’s “The old lighthouse”, but the picture which captured my attention was Michael Brobson’s “The Anchorage” which is a very busy picture, with lots going on – and nice bright colours. 
Michael’s The Anchorage I like the naive approach. The painting is full of interest, good drawing and definition, taking me immediately back to our annual Cornish holiday ! It seems to have a bit of all the places we know     –  Mullion, Cadgwith, Portscatho……………..
Rob has shown skill in pastels and how to use the colour of the paper ground.
Graham’s ‘Lighthouse’, Lesley’s ‘Jurassic Coast’ and Judith’s ‘Soft Wave’ all captured the special atmosphere of our seaside. 
Special mention for Steve’s ‘Seaside Kiss’ for thinking outside the box!
I liked Judith Champion’s wave, which was simple but evocative, but Ken Church’s Torre del Mar showed so clearly why I wouldn’t want to go there that I had to vote for it.
Rob Shuttleworth
On the beach at Aberdaron
35 x 24cm
Pat Preater
‘What are you looking for?’
12×9 inches
Kate Doig
Beached, on St Agnes
28cm x 23cm
John Thwaites
Blue Anchor Hoplites
Acrylic on Canvas.
Here we stand in defence of the land.
For eons we have stood, in the line.
But sadly we are in decline.
No longer are we up straight, and with cloak of weed.
Attacked daily by the sea.
Some of use have been lost, but their essence still remain.
To stop the sea attempts to reclaim.
For we are the Blue Anchor Hoplites, and still we stand.
The fishermen recruited us, to defend and placed in us their trust.
This was many moons ago, but still we stand just so.
The end is almost near, but we show no fear.
For we are the Blue Anchor Hoplites.
Graham George
The Old Lighthouse
12 x 16 inches
Judith Champion
Long Soft Wave
Acrylic on canvas
Daphne Turner
Buckets and spades
Lesley Nicholls
Fossil hunters on the Jurassic Coast
19″ x 26″
Michael Brobson
The Anchorage
Acrylic on canvas
Ken Church
Torre del Mar
16 x 20″
Sandy Flores
‘The Regatta’
Paper collage with handmade fabric and driftwood boats suspended in front.
1.6M wide x 1M high
Steve Dando
Seaside kiss
8×6 inches
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Voting starts on 1 October


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