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MAR/APR 2018



Pat Preater
‘Night Out’   
30×40 cm


Art  Challenge  The winner this time is Pat Preater-Night Out  Pat Preater’s “Night Out” shows the strength of red in a composition which has a wonderful liveliness amongst the characters, so my choice by a slim margin. It has to be Pat Preater’s Night out for composition and atmosphere. Other comments “The dark rich tones of Pat’s picture remind me of some dives I have been to!” 

Ken Church-Red Shoes was also very popular. Ken Church’s bold and vibrant redshoes were liked but the feet wearing them are a bit worrying anatomically.  “I am surprised that I like this this work considering I am against workbeing produced this way. I know nothing about work done on an  IPad and digitally produced but this has certainly made me think again.” Love the colour and brush work I Love thein Jenny’s study. My vote goes to Jenny George’s “Abbies redshades” – the youngest recruit to the Mafia. A very strong entry! I loved “Red Shoes”, “Abbie’s Red Shades”, “Poppies and Stripes”, and “Red”, so how to choose a favourite? Pat Preater’s“Night Out” shows the strength of red in a composition which has a wonderful liveliness amongst the characters,so my choice by a slim margin. I also think Abbie’s Red shades is a charming portrait.  

JAN/FEB 2018

Anne Farmer’s Turning Circles was chosen as the winner for January/February.  Comments were:- “detail in a picture is always a winner”. “It drew my eyestraight away”. “I love the subject, colours and composition”. 

Ken’s painting really sums up spring time with the floral theme.” 

Graham George’s White Cottage was liked but “did not seem to say winter, or even Spring” likewise with Michael Brobson’s Valley of Blue Bells,  “it did not quite seem early in the year”.

Lesley’s ‘First sign of spring” was “beautifully executed”

Also liked was Mark Noble’s ‘Spring Garden’ “the small spring flowers make a pattern with the path an unusual point of view”.

Turning Circles
Shepton Mallet
Anne Farmer
15″ x 12″

OCT/NOV 2017

Little Sparkler

Diane  is the winner this month with nearly all the votes.  Little sparkler is simple and effective being the perfect medium for the subject with an enviable skill level.   Wonderfully capturing the expression.

Steve’s fireworks  received a vote – well done Steve for your first competition entry.

Daphne also received a vote and and Lesley’s piece of work was described as – very evocative the dark figures focussed on the light.


Kate Doig
Beached, on St Agnes
28cm x 23cm
Congratulations to Kate Doig for winning this Challenge
   Chris Alder’s Lovely lighting and colouring. Dramatic sense of scale
   What an amazing variety of approaches! A very exciting selection, from poetry to paper boats and lots in between. My favourite work is Pat Preater’s ‘What are you looking for? ‘It conveys beautifully the children absorbed in their own world.
   I liked so many but the subject and the painting  bucket and spade appealed to me. It just made me smile!!
   Kate Doig – Beached, on St Agnes At first I thought the skyline was too dark, but in fact that, and the bright, empty, sand, pulled my eye to the boat. Very good.
    All very good, very difficult to decide.
    Selecting the painting that I would most like to hang in my house – that’s all.
    I think they are all very good, very difficult to make a choice
    Fresh, bright and love the way you have used the paper as part of the rendering. very pleasing. I am not usually a fan of pastels but I find Rob’s ‘On the Beach at Aberdaron’ very convincing.
    Graham’s Lovely composition and lovely reflection.
    Some lovely pictures this time.  I liked Sandy Flores “The Regatta” and Graham George’s “The old lighthouse”, but the picture which captured my attention was Michael Brobson’s “The Anchorage” which is a very busy picture, with lots going on – and nice bright colours. 
    Michael’s The Anchorage I like the naive approach. The painting is full of interest, good drawing and definition, taking me immediately back to our annual Cornish holiday ! It seems to have a bit of all the places we know     –  Mullion, Cadgwith, Portscatho……………..
    Rob has shown skill in pastels and how to use the colour of the paper ground.  
   Graham’s ‘Lighthouse’, Lesley’s ‘Jurassic Coast’ and Judith’s ‘Soft Wave’ all captured the special atmosphere of our seaside. 
    Special mention for Steve’s ‘Seaside Kiss’ for thinking outside the box!
    I liked Judith Champion’s wave, which was simple but evocative, but Ken Church’s Torre del Mar showed so clearly why I wouldn’t want to go there that I had to vote for it.




No overall winner this month!Fewer entries too. It must be the summer holidays.


Pat has captured a sensitivity and gentleness
in her rendering of mother and baby. Lovely balance of dark and light
areas. This painting could be used as a book illustration too. Very

I liked the sentiment between the youngsters
in Kens drawing



Graham George
A view from our garden
Oil on canvas
24 x 16 inches

A bumper entry this time – hard to choose! Graham George – A view from our Garden is this month’s winner with a large number of votes. A lovely feeling of the long hazy days of summer. This picture takes you into the warm dreamy atmospheric mist of a summers day. The shimmering light was loved in this painting with the white flowers glowing in the foreground.

Robert Parker’s Yvette’s Garden was thought to have oustanding composition and style. Also really showed light and shade Robert Parker’s hammock is irresistible!.

Daphne’s garden had lovely detail and vibrancy. Anne Farmer’s Spring Garden had free expressive drawing and colour. Summer Sketches in the Garden by Judith Champion had good  depth and still represented the delicate structure of the flowers.

The composition of Daphne Turner’s Monet’s garden was Well executed and balanced composition. The oil based crayons were a success. Daphne’s Garden had detail and vibrancy.

All in all a much appreciated selection of artwork



The Winner this month is Richard J G Field self portrait – very realistic Richard.

Oil on canvas
Lots of comments this month:

Watching the goldfish Rob Shuttleworth, Judith Champion Rhyne Reflections love the inkyness of this work was loved scratchy and tense. The reference to 50 shades of Paynes grey made me smile in Kens work. Wow! This month entries are amazing, so difficult to choose. Richard’s self portrait is really powerful, not an adjective I have used too much when describing art.

Judith’s Rhynn Reflections and Johanna\’s Willow reflections bothcapture the atmosphere of the Levels. Congratulations Millie for demonstrating that ‘ART’ has many dimensions.

Margaret’s Portleven Storm is another powerful picture and Herouki’s photograph and Rob’s oil brought me calm and peace at the end. So who to choose? It has to be Richard Field for power, execution and originality. Pat Preater —Silver BoxesSome nice stuff this month. I liked Rob Shuttleworths’ beautifully executed oil painting, the precision of Maureen Carveley’s still life, Anne Farmer’s pattern of ripples and reflections, and the wonderful photograph o Hiroyuki Sakurai’s Lake near Betws-y-Coed, but my vote goes to Pat Preater whose style I would most like to be able to emulate, with a limited palette and confident spontaneity. Maureen Carveley—Still Life with Red Onion Diane Thomas Venice great painting Rob Shuttleworth – Sarah watching the goldfish – A lovely oil painting reminiscent of The Lady of Shallot by John William Waterhouse

Richard J G Field Self Portrait I really enjoyed both portraits and actually Ken\’s is the more reflective but I love the all-over texture of Richard\’s. I also much admre Pat Preater\’s silver boxes. Judith Champion Rhyne Reflections What a telanted bunch. I enjoyed all the entries, but for originality and atmoshpere I have voted for Judith Champion Wow! This month The entries are amazing, so difficult to choose. Richard\’s self portrait is really powerful, not an adjective I have used too much when describing art. Judith\’s Rhynn Reflections and Johanna\’s Willow reflections both capture the atmosphere of the Levels. Congratulations Millie for demonstrating that \’ART\’ has many dimensions. Margaret\’s Portleven Storm is another powerful picture and Herouki\’s photograph and Rob\’s oil brought me calm and peace at the end.






Anne Farmer
Fruits of the Sea

The prize this month goes to Anne Farmer for her ‘Fruits of the Sea’ watercolour.
The subject was ‘Life Drawing’ which was interpreted in its widest sense by the members.
We do not judge the entries, our members do and we thank them for the taking part and for their comments.

Richard Field, Rob Shuttleworth and Lesley Nicholls each received votes for their entries along with glowing praise for their work but our prize of £20 goes to Anne Farmer for  her picture that was variously described as sincere, atmospheric, subtle and unusual!


The prize this month goes to Carole Stoate’s Arabian Nights for originality, patterns and colour.  Diana Thomas’ Snowdrop fairy embodies the true meaning of a fairytale and the wing colours were thought to be lovely. Ken Church’s  witch was scary the sort of image that needed a story and the drawing was powerful.

Carole Stoate Arabian Nights Acrylic 50cm x 70cm
Carole Stoate
Arabian Nights
50cm x 70cm



Georgia O’Keefe

The winner of this month’s challenge is Daphne Turner’s Flame Lily

Daphne Turner Watercolour 12x8 Flame Lily in the style of Georgia O'Keefe
Daphne Turner
Flame Lily in the style of Georgia O’Keefe

Comments on Daphne’s winning entry included ‘the only one that looks like Georgia O’Keefe’ and ‘she had a strong feel for the subject’ albeit only 5% of O’Keefe’s work was of flowers! 

All of the picture’s were praised for the vibrant colours and minimalist approach with Diane’s ‘My Orange Tree’ particularly liked along with the ‘vibrancy’ of Maureen’s ‘Oriental Poppy’. Ken’s ‘Begonia’ was found to be ‘intriguing’ and ‘deliciously rouge’.




Summer Fairs

The winner of this month’s  competition is Pat Preater Summer Fairs

Pat Preater Summer Fair Watercolour 15 x 23cm
Pat Preater
Summer Fair
Watercolour 15 x 23cm

Pat’s picture is full of life and captures a difficult subject with confidence and was voted as the winner this month.Anne Farmer is given top marks for not avoiding painting the horse’s hooves.  Richard Field’s painting was loved and one wished  one knew where the nudist Summer fair takes place each year. Diane Thomas, Set Fair Vibrant colours and really set fair!


We have a tie this time. Congratulations to Lesley Nichols ‘Coast of Britany’ and Joanna Philips ‘Paternoster Boats’.  

Coast of Britanny Lesley Nicholls Acrylic
Coast of Britanny
Lesley Nicholls
Paternoster Boats Johanna Philips Acryliuc 300 x 400
Paternoster Boats
Johanna Philips
Acrylic 300 x 400

Members’ comments included ‘You can almost hear the surf in Lesley’s picture’  and of Johanna’s picture ‘I wish I had painted that!’ and ‘I like the strong design and colour’.
Other comments on Boscastle Harbour the turbulent foam and movement in the water was liked as the waves rushed against the sand and rocks. Also the perspective of the distant hills and haze of spray and atmosphere obscure the horizon. The seagulls in Ken’s painting Sea and Sky gave a strong feeling of the seaside.  Pat Preater St Ives is a lovely loose water colour.
A tie is not surprising as all of the entries are stunning which made it exceptionally difficult for the members to choose a winner !


Congratulations Diane Thomas! 

Diane Thomas Kumquat watercolour 30cms x 38 cms

Her picture ‘Kumquat’ is this month’s On-line Challenge (Still Life) winner.
Members were impressed by the detail and realism of her watercolour.  “It is really believable”.
Lesley Nicholls’ ‘Washed up’ and Dorothy Bark’s ‘Seashore’ both sunlit paintings brought back memories of holiday beach combing with their subtle tones and pleasing compositions. Anne Farmer’s ‘Chinese Puzzle’, was praised “for achieving an antique oriental mystic, cleverly hinting at a story behind the objects”. Daphne Turner’s “colourful and bright” Daisies were much admired.  Well done everyone who entered. As always members found it a difficult choice with so many excellent entries.
Still Life Entries

DEC 2015/JAN 2016

The second Art Challenge proved popular with sketchbook entries.  The subject  gave the opportunity for a more relaxed approach.  The winner of this challenge is Tom Jacobs  with  Killerton House. Tom’s Killerton  gives a lively view that is delightful as it stands and was also chosen for its loose impressionism.  It is also so full of information for a sketch that almost anyone could paint a finished picture from it.

Tom Jacobs A pen and watercolour sketch of Killerton House gardens done on two pages of my Moleskin sketchbook measuring 16 x 5 inches

Tom Jacobs
A pen and watercolour sketch of Killerton House gardens done on two pages of my Moleskin sketchbook measuring 16 x 5 inches’

Comments on other pieces of work were that Jeremy Harvey’s ‘Louise’ had amazing character. Pat Preater’s  ‘Avalon’ was a lovely free sketch. The abstractness and imaginitive interpretation of Jackie Curtis ‘sketching fish’ was appreciated. Carole Stoate’s ‘Le Grand Bornand’ had a lovely atmosphere and you could feel the chill in the air. Mike Griffiths ‘Goats on the Roof ‘was admired for the bright colours and atmosphere of the subject. Anne Farmers’ Rainy day’ sketches were ideal holiday material.

Sketchbook Entries

OCT/NOV 2015

The winner of the OCT-NOV 2015 Challenge was Autumn Plough by Johanna Phillips for its interesting and unusual composition, beautifully executed and the free way that the watercolour had been applied.

Autumn Entries

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