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People’s Choice Award 2017

Congratulations to Rob Shuttleworth on winning the Come Outside People’s Award.

His oil painting ‘Low tide, Burnham on Sea’ received the most votes with a close second Anne Farmer’s watercolour ‘Rained Off’

 2016 Review

Chairman’s statement at AGM

 Looking back on our activities

We started off last year with a new idea, the Book Exchange. While the idea was sound and it did bring in a little money the choice of nights was not so good. It was acoustic night in the art centre and the music was not so much acoustic as accosting.

Whilst we sold over £1000 of paintings in 2016 sales were disappointing overall with less than 20 pieces sold. This year should be better but we intend to up the marketing effort for sales in the coming year.

We are still not engaging fully with our membership as the presentation on The Art of Mosaicist and the Jean Rees Memorial Lecture were both poorly attended.

Ahead of the Come Outside days our member Robert Parker gave a workshop on painting en plein air. Those that attended found his guidance most useful.

Carole welcomed members to her garden in Williton to paint and those that missed it can join her again later in May.

Our Summer Exhibition in Taunton Library was disappointing compared to the 2015 but we think that was because it was immediately after the Brexit vote and art was low on the list of peoples priorities.

In June Jonet and I manned a stand at the Taunton Live event in Castle Square. We both produced some art and Jonet won a prize at the follow-up exhibition in the Tacci Morris Centre

The painting days for our Come Outside series were in Taunton, Steart Marshes and Watchet and were well attended making the exhibition that followed a success. Rob Shuttleworth won the President’s Award and Robert Parker the People’s Choice Award.

Finally our Christmas Lunch was again held in The Walnut Tree and all of our guests found it enjoyable, that is up to the point were I cracked a joke!

Overall I think the committee did a good job encouraging members in their art and putting it out to the public.

Throughout the year we had been working hard to recruit more members. At the end of 2015 we had 41 members. By the end of 2016 we had grown to 59  and today we have 61 members. The Society ended 2016 in a very healthy position with more members, and as a result for this year there are more activities. 

Today Pat Preater is stepping down as our Minuting Secretary after many years in that role. She still wishes to be supporting our work and I hope that you will vote for her to remain on the committee.

I would like to say thanks to Cathrine Sakuri for her invaluable help with Jonet for the catering at our events but they could do with a little more help.

Thank you to Jackie Curtis who spreads the word about our events and has also examined our accounts to ensure they are a true representation.

Thanks also to those members who have contributed with hanging and stewarding exhibitions but there are many other jobs where we could use some help and with new ideas and suggestions.

Your committee is a small group of committed individuals who do their best but they could do with a little help from time to time. With each member doing a little bit our society will be stronger, friendlier and give us all a chance to pursue our art.

It doesn’t necessarily mean joining the committee but offering your expertise and ideas to help your society meet the needs of the members. You will not be left to work alone, the committee and other members will be there to help and support you.

So if you can help with 

marketing, membership, social events, website, workshops, etc

come and talk to us.

Finally, on a personal note, these past two years as your Chairman I have only been able to scramble together a few pictures, and aways under pressure, and I would love to be able to do more artwork but I need your help.

If I am nominated to serve another year I will make it my last as Chairman, I am sure there are members who could lead the society onto greater things. I will, of course, hope to continue to support the committee in any way that I can.



We announce our new programme for 2017 and it is our busiest to date.
2017 is going to be a great year!



Visitors to the Society’s Jean Rees Memorial Lecture were treated to Paul’s insights of art teaching and practice during and after the 1940s, the famous Goldsmith alumni he knew and befriended including John Hutton, famous for his glass engravings on the Great West Screen of Coventry Cathedral, the sculptor Robert Jones who’s memorial to Winston Churchill stands in Parliament Square and the great British artist Graham Sutherland.
Paul treated us to some personnel antidotes about his life, work and some regretful memories like being dumped by Mary Quant! A regular on Somerset radio for many years in the 80s and the chief prosecution witness at the trial of the master forger Tom Keating, he will be showing many personal slides to illustrate his talk.


First Event of 2017 was great.

5 members went to Hauser & Wirth Gallery. It was a beautiful day and the exhibitions were ‘challenging’.
Elizabeth Frinks bronzes and drawings stimulated a lot of varying views and comments but Djordje Ozbolt’s art less so!
The visit was rounded off with a cream tea and on the journey home we were treated to a beautiful sunset and a murmuration that passed right over us.



25 members and friends met at the Walnut Tree in North Petherton for a Christmas lunch. Funny hats, bad jokes, good food and company was a great way to end the year and begin the new.

Congratulations to Rob Shuttleworth on winning the President’s Award in our COME OUTSIDE Exhibition
Parrett Estuary from Steart Marshes

Parrett Estuary from Steart Marshes

and congratulations to Robert Parker on winning the
People’s Choice Award


Jonet and Ken promote the Chandos Society and the
COME OUTSIDE Exhibition on the Martin Evans Show BBC Radio Somerset September 2016




 The Chandos Society of Artists 2016 AGM

The AGM was held on 30 April in the garden of Bridgwater Arts Centre. A pleasant change from a stuffy committee room.

Election of Committe members and Officers took place and these can be seen on our Contact page.

Ken Church was re-elected as Chairman and he made a report on the health of the Society, past present and future. A copy of his report can be downloaded here.

Philip Brimson, our Treasurer for over 10 years, has stepped down. We owe him our gratitude for keeping a steady hand on the finances. His report is available to members on request.


Published 23rd March 2016



This is a great opportunity to experience and develop new ideas for painting in water-based media and exploring the light and Imagination of Nature.  The focus will be on building your confidence as an artist, developing your own style and creative skills. This workshop is suitable for all abilities, including beginners.

10AM – 4PM


Please bring your own choice of water based painting materials: Watercolours, acrylics, gouache, inks or pastels



Published 1st March

Subject: Fw: SMAF Art and Photography Exhibition

Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2016 9:26 PM

Subject: SMAF Art and Photography Exhibition

Good Evening,

Just a reminder that Somerton Music and Arts Festival is approaching and as part of that I will again be organising the Art and Photography Exhibition. This year it will run from Tuesday 12th July until Saturday 16th July.

We will again have an embroidery category (although these will not be up on the stage this time – as the general census was that they couldn’t be viewed by a lot of people who were particularly interested in looking at them – due to the steps.) and will be selling cards.

This year I am hoping to add a sculpture category.

I will be sending out application forms and other information at the beginning of May. Until then get painting/capturing/embroidering/modelling and spread the word.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jade Farmer, Exhibition Coordinator


Spring Exhibition at Bridgwater Arts Centre 1-24 March
There are 78 entires plus sculptures from Richard Field on display. It is an excellent exhibition that reflects well on us all.

Friday April 8th

The art of the Mosaicist  Bridgwater Arts Centre  2pm Friday 8th April.  Ken Church will be giving an illustrated talk on this intriguing art form, its history, techniques and modern installations.  You can try cutting the tesserae with the same tools and techniques used over 2000 years ago.

Saturday April 30th

Jean Rees Memorial Lecture 2.30pm Bridgwater Arts Centre Theatre.  Grace Davies, Director of Visual Arts South West “Engaging Your Public”  Non Members £3


A Street Fair in Castle Street organised by Bridgwater Arts Centre, Sat 2 July.  The Society will have a stall there promoting membership and selling some members’ work. If you are interested in helping or selling your work contact Ken Church

Saturday May 22

En Plein Air Demonstration, Bridgwater Art Centre 10-1pm. Local artist and teacher Bob Parker will take us through how to prepare and paint outdoors, including a practical demo outside.  Just the thing before we set out on our “Come Outside” painting days.


Come Outside Painting Days

Saturday June 25th Taunton, Register at the Taunton Library 10-11am

Sunday July 17th Steart Marshes  Register at the main Car Park WWT Steart Marshes, Stert Drove TA5 2PU 10-11am Details and map

Saturday August 13th  Watchet  Register at Contains Art on the dockside 10-11am


Bridgwater Arts Centre  Deliver work Tues Sept 6th 10-12 noon Collect unsold work Sat Oct 1st 10-11am

Friday September 9th Private view  5.30 to 7pm Meet the artists and enjoy wine and refreshments


Published 1st January:
2016 is underway!
The new 2016 Programme can be found under the ‘EVENTS’ tab. It has some interesting new ideas and old favourites starting with a social event that gives you an opportunity to borrow, swap or buy art-related items. 
The Annual Subscription remains unchanged at £12 for 2016 and it is due now. Please send a cheque made payable to the Chandos Society of Artists.
Send your cheque to:
The Chandos Society of Artists,
Bridgwater Arts Centre
11-13 Castle Street, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 3DD
This represents phenomenal value for an art society that hosts three exhibitions, social events, a free members’ webpage, and a bi-monthly on-line art competition with £20 prize. In return we would ask you to urge your friends and acquaintances who are not members to join, for the more we have the more we can do for you.
Finally keep in touch, let us hear your ideas and criticisms so we can make your Society relevant and proactive for the artistic community in Somerset.
Kind regards,
Ken Church,