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In response to the Covid 19 epidemic we have created this page for your announcements.

Whether you have an exhibition, a new painting, some interesting news or anything else, you can shout about it here.

Just send us the information and we will post it here.

March 17

I currently have an exhibition at the Blue Cedar Printworks in Glastonbury (3 Silver St, Glastonbury BA6 8BS) if you get the chance to see it I would love your feedback.
All best Pete Borg

19 March

Here are a couple of art competitions to help you through those boring self-quarantine times. Nothing like a bit of isolation to spur you on with your art!

20 March

Sarah Darke has produced these Lumen Prints directly influenced by (current) events

22 March

I had planned to enter the the ‘Changing Places’ exhibition in May in the Bridgwater Arts Centre. It was to be a twinned event with Priverno in Italy. The submission to be what your town means to you. Clearly the event will now have to be cancelled but that is no reason not to carry on painting. Well, I walked all over Bridgwater and came and settled on this view in Parrot Way, sketched out below. It includes the old hospital on the right and the town bridge with buildings behind in the distant left and the river. I feel that the history of Bridgwater is what makes this town special. Over the next days/weeks or maybe months I will post my progress in trying to capture this part of Bridgwater. Tips and comments welcome. Ken Church

26 March

After a week of doing all those odd jobs around the home I was free to finally get around to submitting my OnLine Challenge piece. This time I tried digital art. Using my iPad its a bit like drawing on glass, not easy! I started traditionally, sketching out the picture on paper. I then attached my sketch to a tablet which traces movement digitally direct onto my iPad. Tracing over my sketch I ended up with the same sketch as a digital image. I used the painting app ‘Digital Pro’ to paint over the trace. I am not happy with the result but I think if I keep practicing it will get better. KEN

2 April

Following the appeal for sharing pictures that our fellow members could use without copyright infringement I thought I would look through my files on my Mac. I hadn’t realised but I have 6,175 photos, 649 videos and 6 items. Items? What they? KEN

3 April

I have been in the Philippines since 29 February and there is no sign that I will be returning to the UK anytime soon.In Lockdown in the jungle here with my host family and the locals. Sketching every day. Very hot.
Kind Regards Richard J G Field

8 April

I am still busy working (for the council) and my job is currently telephoning vulnerable people, as well as continuing with my normal job for the council, so for the moment I have no time to paint or draw or even continue with my wet felting. I am envying the time the rest of you have especially with the lovely weather, I’m seeing all the plants in my garden budding and beginning to bloom. I’d like to be out there but hey ho there are more important things and people to see to at the moment.
Enjoy everything XXXX Sandy Flores

24 May

Thanks to Pelé Barnes, Ken Church, Richard JG Field, Sandy Flores, Hiro Sakurai, Pat Warren and Pip Wilson for supporting our Online Spring Exhibition. This was a first for the Society and it was well received.
We put out a video slide show of it through Facebook and it reached 5270 people around Bridgwater/Weston/Taunton of which 743 played through the video and 166 clicked onto our web page.
This all helps in raising the profile of our society and getting your work recognised.


Proud to be part of this

October 2020

From Ken Church.

Into my third week of 5, Tuesday afternoons at the RWA painting school in Bristol. Two weeks experimenting with layering and now I am starting my project. A view up the canal at Bridgwater to the old mill building.

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