These pages are to help members with their art while they are forced to stay indoors during the current epidemic. We will try and add more resources as they become available and members are invited to share their pictures for others to use.

The following individuals and organisations have kindly given their permission for members of The Chandos Society of Artists to use the pictures on these pages as artist's references without charge.


Collection of photographs by Jackie Curtis, well known for her unique works based on our local wetlands, and local wetland resident and member Rachel Baker.
They retain copyright on these pictures but have gracefully agreed that Chandos members may use them for reference in support of the World Wetlands Day exhibition.

Les Pickersgill's photographs are of St Mary's Church, Bridgwater. This was to be the site of one of our en plein air painting days this year.
Click here to see his gallery of photographs

Bob House's eclectic mix of subjects will give members many hours of inspiration.
Click here to access his gallery.

Jess Lewis lives in Spain and carries her camera where ever she goes. Members can explore the colours and life from her collection.

Ken Church  has used photographs throughout his career in advertising. Colour and composition comes before subject he says.

Malcomb Balmer  has a growing collection of photographs taken on his travels throughout Dorset and further afield. You can see his collection on