To break the boredom of lockdown we are trying something new to help get your creative muse in good shape for the summer ahead.
Members are encouraged to spend some time during a week in April to use their surroundings for inspiration. Within our homes and gardens there are many things that we can sketch or photograph.
To get us off to a good start let’s meet online and chat about our ideas with fellow members. Then, following the greats, look for inspiration from your surroundings. Even they, when confined indoors or were stuck for ideas, turned to their surroundings. Picasso wife Olga sat while he doodled, Lichtenstein and Vincent loved their bedrooms and Matisse was inspired sitting by the window.

After a week of creativity let’s share our pictures and news at another meeting

The timetable:
Meet via ZOOM at 3pm on Sunday 11 April to get inspired.
Prepare work during the week.
Share our work with other members via ZOOM on Sunday 18 April at 3pm.
We hope that you will join us in this fun event with your other members. The links to join the ZOOM meetings are below. Just click on a button, its that easy to join in!