Minutes of the founding meeting

Minutes of the Inaugural meeting of the Chandos Society of Artists.

Sunday Dec. 10th at 2.30 at Miss Westlake’s house, Halswell Park, Goathurst.

A meeting was held at the British Legion, Castle Street, Bridgwater on Friday December 8 1961 to discuss the inauguration of a society of Professional and Amateur artists –to embrace the mid Somerset area and to meet at specified times throughout the year for work and exhibitions. It was proposed that the name be THE CHANDOS SOCIETY OF ARTISTS, this was seconded and duly carried. It was proposed, seconded and carried that Mr J Fieldhouse be Chairman and Miss F. Gair Wilkinson Vice Chairman.
It was proposed that Mrs J. Rees be Secretary and Miss M. Lewis assistant Secretary. These proposal were seconded and carried.

It was proposed that Miss F. Westlake should undertake this–seconded and carried.

It was proposed that Mrs Owen and Mrs Ansdell should serve in this capacity. (seconded and carried)

Premises had been inspected at the Friends Meeting House Frian Street Bridgwater and proclaimed suitable at the rent of 10/- per night.

It was suggested that the first meeting should take place on January 12th 1962 at Frian St. from 7.30 – 9.30 and afterwards at fortnightly intervals.

It was suggested that the subscription be £1 per annum with possibly a nominal sum (perhaps 6d) for each meeting attended. Subscriptions to be collected at meeting on Jan 12.

It was proposed that a preliminary exhibition be arranged on March 16, 1962 at 8pm – entries to be invited to be and a critic to be obtained for the evening. By this means would-be members’ work would be assessed and full membership invited.
Method of attracting members from over a wide area were also discussed. After which the meeting closed.