JAN/FEB: Perspective
Entries in by 29 February
MAR/APL: In the street
Entries in by 30 April
MAY/JUN: Texture
Entries in by 30 June
JULY/AUG: Planes, boats and trains
Entries in by 28 August
SEPT/OCT: Movement
Entries in by 31 October
NOV/DEC: Trees
Entries in by 31 December

To enter your art fill in the details of your entry below, add a photo and press SUBMIT:

The ‘Challenge’ is set bi-monthly. It is an opportunity to try different subjects and styles and the chance to win £20.
It also gives us time to study other members’ styles and techniques and to give them words of encouragement and constructive criticism.
A Voting Form will be placed at the bottom of the ‘Entries’ page each time a Challenge finishes. Please encourage your fellow artists by voting and leaving comments on their works. All comments will be moderated and published anonymously.

Entries should be your original work and must not breach copyright.  Whilst there was a tradition of learning techniques by copying the work of established masters, this is no excuse – any work which is a copy (and including work “inspired by”) should acknowledge the original artist/photographer/other source. Failure to do so will risk being disqualified.


Your images should be:
Sharp and colour correct. Format .jpgor .jpeg or  .png  
Resolution: minimum 96 pixels per inch
Size: minimum 800 pixels deep.   No larger than 2Mb

NB: If you are unable to adjust your image send it in and we will do it for you.

Take your photograph on a good bright day but not in direct sunlight and use a tripod if you have one. Keep you camera at the same angle as the picture.