2024 Winners

The March-April Challenge “IN THE STREET” attracted 10 entries – a mix of photographs, paintings based on photos and some looser interpretations in woodcut or paint. Voting resulted in a 4-way tie for first place:

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Ken Church SIESTA HOUR IN RIOGORDO Pen & Watercolour 19 x 25 cm
Sabine Kramer LONG TIME AGO ON THE STREET Acrylic on paper
Rob Shuttleworth BRIGHT AND EARLY IN THE ETERNAL CITY Digital photograph
Hiroyuki Sakurai IN THE STREET OF KAMAKURA Digital Image 924 x 1080 pixels

The first (January – February) Challenge of 2024 was “PERSPECTIVE” and attracted just 6 entries. With a total of 8 of the 13 votes cast, one picture came to the fore, leaving all others fading into the distance – the winner was Geoff Sully with “Bridgwater Canal”.

Geoff Sully
Pen and wash
12 x 16 inches

2023 Winners

The theme for the final Challenge of the year (Nov- Dec) was “PLAY OF LIGHT”. This opened the door to a range of dramatically- or subtly- lit subjects. Four of the seven entries were photographs and the winner was Hiroyuki Sakurai’s enigmatic “Colour within”.

Hiroyuki Sakurai
Digital Image
775 x 1080 pix

The theme for September-October was “FRUIT”. Pick of the crop from a field of 7 entries was Ken Church’s charming watercolour “Blackberries”.

Ken Church
38 x 15 cm

The July-August theme “IN THE STYLE OF …” attracted a strong field of 10 entries paying homage to an interesting range of artists. Many chose artists whose work was distinctly different from their own, with very creditable results. Pat Preater was less adventurous, choosing an artist whose subject matter and style are close to her own – but it topped the vote.

Pat Preater
LADIES SEWING inspired by Vuillard
11 x 8 inches

The theme for the May-June Challenge was “SOMEWHERE SPECIAL”. Geoff Sully chose a subject full of sentiment and was the outright winner this time with this carefully-composed and evocative scene.

Geoff Sully
18 x 24 inches

The March-April theme of “NIGHT SCENE” attracted 15 entries and there was a tie for first place. The joint winners were Sharron Ayerst and Geoff Sully – click on each image to view full screen.

Sharron Ayerst
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 20 inches
Geoff Sully
20 x 16 inches

The first (January – February) Challenge of 2023 was “USING JUST 2 COMPLEMENTARY COLOURS”. There was a completely free choice of subject, but a requirement to use just 2 colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel (use of white was also allowed if not using watercolour).

Perhaps not everyone would appreciate having their portrait painted in yellow and lilac, and Ken Church originally gave his work the title “Ugly Man”. They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and voters felt handsome Ken made a real success of the challenge.

Ken Church
Acrylic 20 x 30 cm
Cadmium Yellow and Lilac (and white)

2022 Winners

The theme for the final (November-December) Challenge of 2022 was “FOOD” and the appetising painting that Geoff Sully served up was the clear favourite on the menu:

Geoff Sully
20 x 15 inches

There was a tie for first place in the September-October Challenge on the theme of “WILDLIFE” – the joint winners were Jackie Curtis and Pat Preater:

Jackie Curtis
Print using veneers and stencils
20 x 30 cm
Pat Preater

Voted “head and shoulders” above all other entries, the July-August Challenge “SOMETHING OLD” was this incredibly detailed portrait by Steve Gathercole:

Steve Gathercole
Pastels on pastelmat board

The joint winners of the May-June 2022 Challenge “TRADITION” were David Daggar and Steve Gathercole:

David Daggar
Photographic print
Steve Gathercole
Pastels on pastelmat board

The crystal clear winner of the March-April Challenge “GLASS” was Geoffrey Bailey.

Geoffrey Bailey GLASS Oil 24 x 24 cm

The Jan-Feb 2022 Challenge “CLIMATE” was won by Steve Gathercole’s foreboding watercolour “Climate Change”. (A dramatic scene but if you think about it, not one to be taken literally.)

Steve Gathercole CLIMATE CHANGE Watercolour on cold press paper A4

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Pat Preater won the Nov-Dec 2021 challenge on the theme of “ANNIVERSARY” with this charming little painting:

Pat Preater BIRTHDAY PARTY Acrylic on board 10 x 8 inches

The joint winners of the Sept-Oct 2021 Challenge “COMMUNICATION” were Ken Church and Steve Gathercole:

Ken Church TOUCH OF LOVE Pen and Watercolour A4
Steve Gathercole ONLINE AND TWEETING Oils on wood panel 14″ x 11″

The July-August 2021 Challenge “WORK” was won by Steve Gathercole with this powerful image painted in oil on wood panel.

Another outstanding painting by Rob Shuttleworth was chosen for the May-June Challenge ‘FESTIVAL’

The Mar-Apl 2021 Challenge ‘WETLANDS’ was won by Rob Shuttleworth with this beautiful oil painting.

The Jan-Feb 2021 Challenge ‘WINTER’ was won by Jackie Curtis with this striking monoprint landscape.

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