2022 winners

The crystal clear winner of the March-April Challenge “GLASS” was Geoffrey Bailey.

Geoffrey Bailey GLASS Oil 24 x 24 cm

The Jan-Feb 2022 Challenge “CLIMATE” was won by Steve Gathercole’s foreboding watercolour “Climate Change”. (A dramatic scene but if you think about it, not one to be taken literally.)

Steve Gathercole CLIMATE CHANGE Watercolour on cold press paper A4

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Pat Preater won the Nov-Dec 2021 challenge on the theme of “ANNIVERSARY” with this charming little painting:

Pat Preater BIRTHDAY PARTY Acrylic on board 10 x 8 inches

The joint winners of the Sept-Oct 2021 Challenge “COMMUNICATION” were Ken Church and Steve Gathercole:

Ken Church TOUCH OF LOVE Pen and Watercolour A4
Steve Gathercole ONLINE AND TWEETING Oils on wood panel 14″ x 11″

The July-August 2021 Challenge “WORK” was won by Steve Gathercole with this powerful image painted in oil on wood panel.

Another outstanding painting by Rob Shuttleworth was chosen for the May-June Challenge ‘FESTIVAL’

The Mar-Apl 2021 Challenge ‘WETLANDS’ was won by Rob Shuttleworth with this beautiful oil painting.

The Jan-Feb 2021 Challenge ‘WINTER’ was won by Jackie Curtis with this striking monoprint landscape.

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